Running Coaching

Tania and Lioudmila Kortchaguina are partners in coaching, offering their expertise through Goalspeed Coaching.

Tania’s coaching philosophy has evolved from partnerships with some of Canada’s legendary coaches and from connecting with the world’s best at international competitions. A key component to Tania’s knowledge base is her appreciation for physiology and nutrition, learned in the laboratories of the US Olympic marathon team.

A student of the Loehr Corporate Athlete model for over a decade, Tania has leveraged the ideas of Jim Loehr to build a multi-faceted, performance-driven, scaleable lifestyle. When her former employer, Procter & Gamble, embraced the Corporate Athlete program in 2006, Tania became one of the catalysts and role models of the program.

Tania believes that delivering high performance and exceeding your personal expectations is possible with a strategic approach, the right infrastructure and smart execution.

  “Tania is not just a coach for elite athletes but also for the everyday person who just wants to challenge themselves with a new fitness goal.  Her practical, enthusiastic, honest and no-nonsense approach fit perfectly for me.  I also was amazed that the challenging program that she developed just for me did not result in any injury, and actually seemed to help me avoid hurting myself.  She found the right balance between challenging my body to do new things but not so much that it resulted in injury.  I would highly recommend Tania.”
Chrystal Fuller, iRun magazine Runner Makeover Contestant 2011 – Goal: Run a 60 min 10k  

Goalspeed Coaching

Tania offers her coaching expertise to runners of all levels, with her business partner Lioudmila Kortchaguina.  Offering three distinct programs tailored to a range of levels, they challenge you with tested, effective training strategies helping you to optimize your training time.

Tania and Lioudmila conduct a thorough assessment of your history and current situation. Your training program focuses on your unique goals, with a personalized plan that fits your lifestyle. Weekly discussions and email contact will keep you on track and motivated.

While most clients appreciate this hands-on support in the three to four months leading up to a goal event, both Goalspeed coaches can accommodate your unique needs. Perhaps you only require feedback on your current training program, while others may wish to meet their coach for a personal training session.

For more information, visit the Goalspeed Facebook page.