Running in the spring…when winter isn’t over yet

April 13, 2022
Contributed by Wendell Quan Fun

As a runner, it can be hard to plan when and where to log your miles during the transition from winter to spring. Temperatures can swing very drastically from day to day. Snow and ice can melt, but it never completely goes away. Water on the ground is also a hazard. These are your main options when you’re making snap decisions of when and where to run.

Do you dare run by 5 of Toronto’s spookiest places in 5 km?

October 25, 2021
Contributed by Wendell Quan Fun

Do you run, or walk, and live in Toronto? If so, there is a great 5k route in the city that will get you into the Halloween spirit, and log your miles too! If you plan to run this route on a Sunday morning, you might even get to park for FREE on Huron Street. This route passes by 5 haunted places in Toronto! If you’re brave enough, here are the directions.

Special Edition: In the News
2019 Okanagan Sports
Hall of Fame Inductee

Central Okanagan Sports Hall of Fame announces Class of 2019 (June 11, 2019)

The Central Okanagan Sports Hall of Fame has announced its inductees for the Class of 2019. The class of 2019 includes two Olympic gold medalists, a three-time collegiate champion, a world-class marathon runner, a Pan-American bronze medalist and a man who dedicated four decades of his life to coaching and refereeing. “That passion, that commitment to sports, that’s what we are honoring in 2019 with this entire class,” said Pat Kennedy, the managing director of the Central Okanagan Sports Hall of Fame.

Six new members are graduating to the hall of fame in the Class of 2019. The members are four athletes as well as one each in the builder and pioneer categories, respectively. Oyama’s Tania Jones is being recognized for her achievements as a marathon runner.

To honor and inspire: Central Okanagan Sports Hall of Fame names newest inductees
By Travis Lowe, article published in Global News

Central Okanagan Sports Hall of Fame announces 2019 inductees
By Michael Rodriguez, article published in Kelowna Capital News

Photo credit (Michael Rodriguez/Kelowna Capital News)

The 1990’s

Featured on NBC News as winner of Richmond (VA) Women’s 5-Miler, 1999

The 2000’s

Featured in Running Zone video diary, 2000

It started at the Reynolds run: Tania Jones of Oyama is trying to qualify for the Olympics, following a dream that began with a cross-country win in 1982
(April 27, 2000)

By Lorne White, article published in The Daily Courier

Road Warrior: It’s the Okanagan vs. the world as marathoner Tania Jones hits the asphalt at the upcoming track and field championships
(July 26, 2001)

By Terry Edwards, article published in The Daily Courier

Colour commentator for Rogers TV coverage of Ottawa Race Weekend, 2019


Rainbow Award

The Madman, The Marathoner – The Life of Marathoner Don McNelly
by Juanita Tichendorf

Don McNelly is the world record holder for the number of marathons completed over the age of eighty. This book describes the incredible journey of Dan from his first run through his global running adventures. Don received the 2006 Rainbow Award at the Niagara Falls International Marathon given to the individual who had contributed the most to marathons. The book references past winners including Bill Rodgers, Tania Jones, Kathrine Switzer and John Stanton.

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Canada’s Magnificent Marathon, 40 Years Running in Ottawa

1999 Time to Replenish
2002 Graduation Day 

by Mark Sutcliffe

On May 25, 1975, 146 runners gathered to run the first Ottawa Marathon. Little did they know that one day the race would become the premiere distance race in Canada. On May 25, 2014 more than 6,200 runners were expected to participate in the 40th edition of what has become Canada’s preeminent Marathon.

With a stunningly scenic course and outstanding runner experience with over 100,000 spectators, the Ottawa Marathon has grown rapidly as the flagship race of an annual running event that attracts more than 44,000 people to a world-class capital city.

To celebrate this milestone year, Run Ottawa has produced a special commemorative book. Authored by Ottawa writer, broadcaster and iRun founder Mark Sutcliffe, Canada’s Magnificent Marathon will tell the story of Canada’s biggest, best and most historic Marathon including reference to Tania’s long and successive partnership with the Ottawa Race Weekend.

Cool Running

Running for a Lifetime with a Balanced Lifestyle
by Jennifer Bostwick

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How she does it – Life on the Run

  Health Fix Chatelaine, July 2007
As one of Canada’s top athletes, marathoner Tania Jones has a daily exercise regime that runs the gamut from early-morning workouts to lunchtime yoga breaks. But she’s just as focused on life’s other rewards: a fulfilling career and quality time with the boys, her husband, Colin, and three-year old Callum.  Here’s how she stays on track.
by Denise Balkisson, Chatelaine

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Balancing Family and Athletic Goals

  iRun June 2008
Does fitting in a regular running schedule on top of all your other responsibilities seem impossible? Is trying to squeeze in a training program for a marathon around a marriage, kids and a job stressing you out? Relax. With a bit of planning and some wisdom from the experts, it is possible. In fact, with the right plan, you might even find running helps you succeed in other parts of your life.

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The Art of the Comeback

iRun Spring/Summer 2009
Tania discusses how a forced lay-off due to injury or the expectations of life, can be a good thing! It has not only given her a chance to refresh her approach, it has also transformed her into a more complete runner. Almost every runner has suffered a layoff due to an injury, pregnancy or illness. There are many comeback stories to draw inspiration from. Tania has learned that if you do too much, too soon, you could get injured and suffer and even longer setback.
by Tania Jones

Click the image to the right to read Tania’s advice on how to take steps to achieving your very own comeback story.


iRun Magazine Runner Makeover

Mid-Term Report
Three brave souls turned their running lives over to the iRun Runner Makeover. They had their goals and history deconstructed by elite marathoner and coach Tania Jones, and made a commitment to trust their new coach.  Check out this article to find out how the runners are doing at the midpoint.

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Running with the Stars

Canadian stars of screen, stage and sport laced up their runners and took part in the 2010 Best Buddies Challenge.Runners included golf legend Mike Weir, 2010 Olympic medalists and Tania Jones.

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Powerbar Ad

Powerbar print advertisement, Spring/Summer 2009 – Power to Push
Yes, those are Tania’s legs!

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