Special Edition: In the News
2019 Okanagan Sports
Hall of Fame Inductee

Highlighting memories and milestones in the life and career of Tania Jones, decade by decade

The Early Years

The 1990’s

The 2000’s

Pan Am Games Toronto 2015 Torch Relay –June 2015

Tania carried the Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games Torch in her home community of Richmond Hill, ON. torch-relay-banner-logo-bil

iRun Photo Shoot, January 2009

Photos courtesy of Sandra Lauren

Waterfront 2006

Finished 5th overall 2:44:20.7  3:54 2:44:20.7   F10 JONES, TANIA,  Richmond Hill  5/696  2/126  Women 35 – 39

2006 ING Ottawa Marathon Fundraising

Working with ING to win funds to support kids sport programs.  Tim and I ran as a team to beat other Canadian teams and send ING $$ to support kids.

iRun Runner Makeover

Three brave souls turned their running lives over to the iRun Runner Makeover. They had their goals and history deconstructed by elite marathoner and coach Tania Jones, and made a commitment to trust their new coach.  Throughout their journey, the athletes shared their successes, challenges and lessons learned their own iRun blogs.  Click here to view what they had to say.

Life on the Run

Waterfront 2005

Finished 3rd overall with a time of 2:41:51.1
2:41:51.1  F8 JONES, TANIA  Toronto 3/582 1/125  Women 35 – 39  34:10 1:19:46 1:39:37 1:53:30 2:07:03.

2006 Cinci 10 Miler P&G

Goalspeed Coaching

Tania Jones and Lioudmila Kortchaguina offer their expertise as athletic coaches through Goalspeed Coaching.  To learn more about what they can do for you, visit goalspeedcoaching.com.